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Imperial dry chemical and clean agent automatic(sprinkle type) fire extinguisher
Extinguish all types of fire

Dry chemical
Clean agent

Product Description

  • Dry chemical and clean agent type– automatically extinguish fires occurr (no human required)
  • Method of Operation- the sprinkler works by temperature controlled rupture of the bulb (at 68’C or 155’F)
  • Easy installation on ceiling-with no more than 3 metres from flammable fuel

Recommended Installation:Potential fire occurrence areas, remote areas without human occupancy e.g. control rooms, high-rise buildings, etc

5 Year Product Warranty


Fire fighting performance

  • CLASS A: fire involving solid fuel i.e. wood, cloth, paper, rubber, and plastic
  • CLASS B: fire involving fluid fuel i.e. petrol, oil, grease, flammable substance, and gas
  • CLASS C: fire involving electrical equipment i.e. short-circuit