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Imperial dry chemical fire extinguisher
for  all types of fire

Quality approved by TIS 332-2537
from Thai industrial standard institute
5 Year Product Warranty

Product description

  • A dry chemical fire extinguisher has is multi-benefits, being able to efficiently and rapidly put out all fires from class A, B, and C
  • Fires are extinguished by pushing out chemical powder to cover area of fire, causing lack of oxygen to react with heat and fuel, leading to the end of fire.
  • During usage, there is spread dust, therefore, it is suitable for using outdoor
  • Dry chemical powder is not harmful, as after reaction with heat it does not cause much poisonous gas



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Recommended installation: Home, industrial plant, warehouse, manufacturing line, etc

5 Year Product Warranty

Caution: After use, it is needed to be refilled regardless of the quantity used

Fire fighting performance  
  • Class A: fire involving solid fuel i.e. wood, cloth, paper, rubber, and plastic
  • Class B: fire involving fluid fuel i.e. petrol, oil, grease, flammable substance, and gas
  • Class C: fire involving electrical equipment i.e. short-circuit